Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Probably, I should throw in a palm tree or two. on this post. (In fact, I'm throwing in pre-pub cover art of my novel that I'm working on. Murder Visits Antigua and the research thingy is tough duty (she says, tongue in cheek.)
Along the way to finding out what was happening on a Caribbean Island in the 1930s for my Golden Age Mystery novel, I've had wonderful adventures. They included finding out from a taxi driver the name and phone number of a retired Leeward Island Police Commissioner. Then calling him up, finding his house in a tiny village and interviewing him.
Can I use the material in other ways besides lending authenticity to my novel's characters and setting? You bet, I can. Now here's where "focus" or lack thereof, comes in. I'm focused on the history and current times of Antigua, but I'll use the material in multiple ways.
For example, I'm also working on an article now for the Caribbean Trvel and Life magazine and am looking for more travel-related markets. http://www.carribbeantravelmag.com/ I have found out so much that would be of interest to other travelers, historians, archeologists and other interest groups.
It has to be the best of all worlds to be a writer and to have the epiphany: I'm looking through a multi-facted prism that glitters with multiple opportunities for writing and publishing my researcht in different venues.
Yahoo! It's a great life.
Wite on, my friends!
P. S. Check out my mock book cover pix.

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Lisa Logan said...

Awesome to blend travel time not only into your fiction work, but also the potential for non-fic freelance as well. ::wild applause!::