Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seeking Inspiration . . .

Think actually there's a quote that says something about nine-tenths of inspiration is persperation. At least, that's true for the writer.

Been some time since I posted, but thought to give a few tips I've learned from others on writing.

1) Write or post your ideas wherever you are. In "olden days" that would mean having a pen and paper or a small pad to jot down notes. Nowadays, it would be the latest handheld device to capture a brief bit of dialogue or the next idea for a twist in your story.

2) Eavesdrop on coversations. One of the best ones for me happened in a library. Two guys and a woman at the next table were talking while I browsed books at mine. The two were comparing the relative comforts of the prisons in my state. They seemed to think the "big house" at Shelton had the better food.

3) Observe people while sitting at Starbucks or your favorite latte hangout. Actually, in my local coffee bistro, I picked up a teenage girl's mannerisms. She wobbled her hand back and forth to emphasize points, I think about someone's quirkiness, or the "iffy-ness" of a situation. Couldn't help but notice her long, shell-pink fingernails. Doubt that she played the piano or did any washing of pots and pans, by hand.

That's it for now.

Write and enjoy,


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